Start Growing Sustainable Mushrooms at Home Today!

With our Grow-at-Home Oyster Mushroom Kit you can grow up to 1 pound of delicious and sustainable mushrooms right on your kitchen counter. Our kit comes with everything needed to grow your first beautiful cluster of oyster mushrooms in less than 2 weeks! Follow the 3 easy steps of cut, spray and harvest and then cook your oyster mushrooms in one of the included recipes. Order one as a gift today. Great for kids!



  • Reviews & Testimonials

    Would you believe that the waste from beer and coffee can be used to sustainably grow veggie pizza toppings? This rather unique model – and its company, cleverly called LoGROcal – is the brainchild of Ryan Sansbury and his childhood-friend-turned-business-partner, Jeremy Bastian.
    Bruce E. Boyers, Organic Connections, August 2013
    We recently enjoyed the fruits — or fruiting bodies, to be precise — of what has to be the yummiest and funkiest Kickstarter I’ve supported to date: LoGROcal’s Sustainable Mushroom Farm in Austin, TX.
    Wayne Marshall, Wayne & Wax Blog, November 2013
    LoGROcal taps into three things Austinites love – beer, pizza and environmentalism.
    Austin Post, Kickstarter of the Week, February 2013
    Ryan Sansbury and Jeremy Bastian are the brains behind LoGROcal, a new sustainable mushroom farm in Austin, Texas. An added twist? They use coffee grounds and spent beer grains from local businesses as their growing mix, reducing waste while harvesting delicious produce. Talk about a win-win.
    Joanne Camas, Epicurious, March 2013